Things I found interesting this week.

March 18

World’s first sensory gaming device

In light of the new sci fi show Kiss Me First, Channel 4 created buzz around a fake product named Azanaband. The product would be worn around your neck and could simulate a multitude of emotions, from happiness to fear. It proved so popular that 300,000 people visited azanaband.com. I'll admit, even knowing it was fake, I had to take a look. I love a good spoof campaign. 

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March 12


I found this fantastic animated website for Playdoh. It was created by DDB and Merci-Michel, and provides analysis of made-up creatures, creating using the product. For such heavy web animation, it's smooth as hell. 

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Next exit

The golden arches are back, doing what they do best. Being obnoxious. Only this time, they've been obnoxiously elegant in their execution. Relying on the strength of the brand, McDonalds has released a campaign which focuses on small sections of the golden arches for way finding. Very clever Cossette. Thanks for reminding us how much McDonalds is ingrained in our brains. 

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March 4

Harvest UI

I was notified this week that I accidentally left a timer on in my hours tracker. I received an email and everything. Harvest feels very in-tune with my schedule, and by using little more than a warning message and a notification, incorrect hours are resolved quickly and easily. 

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Here's to a plastic free world

I enjoyed this branding for the world's first plastic free isle, located in Amsterdam. Made Thought worked in partnership with A Plastic Planet to bring the Plastic Free campaign to Ekoplaza. Article at Creative Review


Micro Interactions

A great little read over at Invison about microinteractions. I find the psychology around these fascinating. Microinteractions need to remain invisible, yet provide the user instruction or feedback. It becomes such a subliminal thing.  

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Feb 25

Paul Rand's confidence

I'm reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs again. One thing which I found fantastic was Paul Rand's comments around branding one of Job's endeavours, NeXT Computers. Below is a section from the book: 

When Jobs asked for a number of options to consider, Rand declared that he did not create different options for clients. "I will solve your problem, and you will pay me, " he told Jobs. "You can use what I produce, or not, but I will not do options, and either way you will pay me."


England's Type

England's new typography was revealed this week ahead of the World Cup. It's a dynamic design which Craig Ward suggests was born out of the St George's cross. There is a great interview with him over at Creative Review.

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Feb 18

Chatbots are people too

I was reading an article on designing chatbots over at Telepathy and this review on Alexa made me a little sad. It really made me think about how personable technology is looking to be, connecting with us on a level that many don't even realize. 


It's the little things

The sunken Mac keyboards at Chapters bookstores are very pleasing. I actually noticed this years ago, but was reminded of it this week. 

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Feb 11

Nothing Beats a Londoner

Nike released a 3 minute video to tie in with a number of London based events happening over the next few weeks. It includes a number of young athletes from the City and looks at what this vibrant community looks like to today's youth. I really enjoyed the energy and overall flow of the piece.


World Radio Day

I was blown away by these radio spots by UNESCO for World Radio Day. Good audio advertising is something I've always been fascinated by. The ability to draw you in and deliver impact, through a single channel.

A total of five were created by the organisation and aim to highlight the unfair way in which woman are reported in sports media, often being subject to sexist comments. They are free for radio stations to use worldwide.


Animation principles in UI

I really enjoyed this article over at the Invision blog. Brittany Layton talks about the importance of animation in UI, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for usability purposes. I'd like to delve deeper into UI animations over the coming year and work on a few concept pieces. 

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Jan 28

Walking Men branding

Simply loved this article detailing the journey of 'Walking Men' logo. Not only a beautifully elegant solution, but a fascinating development process. Lorena Foucher talks in-depth about her approach, including an activity which involved walking up and down stairs. 


Yes to Macbook's subtle alignment

I noticed something on the 15" MacBook this week. On the left, one of the USB-C ports is directly centred to the touch bar. The other is directly centred to the top row of keys. It is absolutely no accident, and I love that attention to detail and craft. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 21.18.05.png

No to iPad's control center interaction

I only updated my iPad to the latest version of IOS11 a few weeks ago. Late I know, but I was caught up in a beta release and had no idea there was even a new update. Anyway, this week I was kinda annoyed by the control centre. You no longer have that feeling of swiping up. Sure, you still have to swipe up to reveal the content, but that content now slides in from the sides. I feel like it's lost its charm, and more importantly lost it's connection with the very touch gesture it relies upon. 


That's all folks!

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