Things I found interesting this week.

Jan 28


Walking Men branding

Simply loved this article detailing the journey of 'Walking Men' logo. Not only a beautifully elegant solution, but a fascinating development process. Lorena Foucher talks in-depth about her approach, including an activity which involved walking up and down stairs. 


Yes to Macbook's subtle alignment

I noticed something on the 15" MacBook this week. On the left, one of the USB-C ports is directly centred to the touch bar. The other is directly centred to the top row of keys. It is absolutely no accident, and I love that attention to detail and craft. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 21.18.05.png

No to iPad's control center interaction

I only updated my iPad to the latest version of IOS11 a few weeks ago. Late I know, but I was caught up in a beta release and had no idea there was even a new update. Anyway, this week I was kinda annoyed by the control centre. You no longer have that feeling of swiping up. Sure, you still have to swipe up to reveal the content, but that content now slides in from the sides. I feel like it's lost its charm, and more importantly lost it's connection with the very touch gesture it relies upon. 


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