Things I found interesting this week.

Feb 11


Nothing Beats a Londoner

Nike released a 3 minute video to tie in with a number of London based events happening over the next few weeks. It includes a number of young athletes from the City and looks at what this vibrant community looks like to today's youth. I really enjoyed the energy and overall flow of the piece.


World Radio Day

I was blown away by these radio spots by UNESCO for World Radio Day. Good audio advertising is something I've always been fascinated by. The ability to draw you in and deliver impact, through a single channel.

A total of five were created by the organisation and aim to highlight the unfair way in which woman are reported in sports media, often being subject to sexist comments. They are free for radio stations to use worldwide.


Animation principles in UI

I really enjoyed this article over at the Invision blog. Brittany Layton talks about the importance of animation in UI, not just for aesthetic reasons, but for usability purposes. I'd like to delve deeper into UI animations over the coming year and work on a few concept pieces. 

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