Things I found interesting this week.

March 4


Harvest UI

I was notified this week that I accidentally left a timer on in my hours tracker. I received an email and everything. Harvest feels very in-tune with my schedule, and by using little more than a warning message and a notification, incorrect hours are resolved quickly and easily. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 8.19.42 AM.png

Here's to a plastic free world

I enjoyed this branding for the world's first plastic free isle, located in Amsterdam. Made Thought worked in partnership with A Plastic Planet to bring the Plastic Free campaign to Ekoplaza. Article at Creative Review


Micro Interactions

A great little read over at Invison about microinteractions. I find the psychology around these fascinating. Microinteractions need to remain invisible, yet provide the user instruction or feedback. It becomes such a subliminal thing.  

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