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A visual designer and brand strategist, solving problems and telling stories. Currently freelance designer at Skeleton Crew︎.

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Bonzai Intranet
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Organizer of Type Brigade︎- Vancouver’s typography speaker series.

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Bonzai Intranet Branding

If you want to disrupt an industry, disrupt it.

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/ Direction
Gonzalo Alatorre
/ Illustration
Yvonne Hsu
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Re-branding a market leader

Bonzai Intranet is an award-winning intranet platform which sits on Microsoft Sharepoint. As a pre-built product with ready-to-roll subscriptions, Bonzai was challenging the traditional, custom built method of building a company intranet, at a fraction of the price and with lightning fast set-up. 

Comparing Perceptions

To start, we interviewed employees from across the company, and sought to gain insights into Bonzai’s culture, operations and product offering. We also interviewed customers who rolled out the platform to see where perceptions aligned. What was it that made a successful intranet, and how did Bonzai fulfill that need?

Employee insights

“People don’t link using SharePoint, it’s awful. If we can get people to use Bonzai and not realize they’re using Sharepoint, then that’s a win. I really think we’ve done that.”

/ Software Developer, Bonzai Employee

“The user interface is extremely strong. Typically, SharePoint is not a fun thing to use.”

/ Sales Support, Bonzai Employee

“It’s easy to explain. It’s easy to understand. It’s a solid platform that has a lot of possibilities.”

/ Deployment Technician, Bonzai Employee

Customer insights

“What they’re offering is truly out of the box, and sitting on the Office 365 environment is a huge benefit. When we implemented it, we had no developers involved at all.”

/ Marketing Manager, Customer

“The support is far more valuable than the technology itself. If you don’t have proper governance, that’s where you’ll start to have problems. The technology is great, it does what it is supposed to, but its the knowledge and expertise that is the big value add.”

/ Marketing Co-ordinator, Customer

The Intranet in a Box

A few things came to light. This product is truly agile and the best of it’s kind across the industry. Not only are Bonzai creating a product which utilizes the Sharepoint platform, but they make it look damn good and a pleasure to use - and their support is second-to-none. On top of that, Bonzai is a fraction of the price of traditional intranets.  

/ An out-of-the-box solution

/ Disrupting a million dollar industry

/ Industry thought leaders


The logo is bold, edgy and reflective of the wacky sounding name. Designed on a 6x5 grid, this mark portrays the versatility and customizable nature of the Bonzai platform. Staff believed that 80% of each Bonzai Intranet was generic, and the last 20% was unique to each company rollout. We made this shuffling mindset literal. 

Logo in use

/ Business cards

/ Social media

/ Website

Rejected Concepts

/ Exploring boxes & connectivity

/ Intranet-in-a-box


Familiarity and warmth, with an air of nonconformity. Graphik is said to be the ‘Vanilla-flavoured’ typeface that is perfectly suited for whatever self expression is needed. Its purposeful, elegant plainness allows it to move effortlessly between being a central design element or play a supporting role in a wide range of projects and applications. 

Graphik alphabet

Graphik weights

/ Thin

/ Light

/ Regular

/ Bold

/ Black

/ Super


Black and white anchor the brand, while orange adds energy, imagination and attention-calling qualities without being demanding. 



Gradient lock-up

Subtle, but effective, the gradient anchors the bonzai logo as part of the visual language. 

Gradient in use

/ Sales deck

Visual Language

Inspired by the versatile intranet platform itself, the visual language has been developed to add clarity and continuity across the brand. With so many features, and such a wide range of audiences and product uses, we wanted to create a system which resonated with productivity and collaboration.  


/ Fluid & productive


/ Systematic yet versatile


A unique selling point of Bonzai was the ability to deploy an intranet at the click of the button. This was sub-branded as the helpful and personable, Brick. We worked with Bonzai to develop a brand around this very useful little chatbot. 

/ Icon

/ Slack integration

Rejected concepts