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/ About 
A graphic designer and brand strategist, solving problems and telling stories. Currently the creative director at Goat.

/ Vocabulary
Branding - Building brand strategy and visual identity with a deep understanding of client and industry.

Direction - Overseeing the creative and/or strategic direction of a project.

UI Design - Wireframing and designing websites and digital products.

Identity - Simple, low-budget logos or incomplete branding projects. 

Interaction - Adding value to pre-designed UI projects in forms of layout and movement.

/ Worked with
City of Vancouver
Seeking Blue Records
JBS Equipment
Southend F.C
Integrative Naturopathic
The Insurance Emporium
Tak Logistics
Redcliffe & Co.

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Build Tech UI/Direction

Transform the landscape one project at a time.

/ Role
UI Design
/ Agency
Green Square
/ Development
Malcolm Lynch
/ Year

Operating as one

Build Tech Consultancy (BTC) provide project management, consultancy and building surveying services in areas of commercial and residential developent. They pride themselves on operating discreetly under their client’s name and deliver services as an extension of their team.    

Form follows function

With a desire to appear superior to their competition, and a willingness to fly under the radar, we looked at positioning BTC toward the architectural landscape. Plenty of white space, fluid interactions and a project forward layout, resulted in a portfolio rather than a direct sales tool. 

/ Animated SVG buildings

/ Parallax landscape