Catapult ERP UI

Power your business.

/ Role
UI Design
/ Direction
Gonzalo Alatorre
/ Development
Brent Leung
/ Year

Practice what you preach

Catapult provide ERP and CRM system implementations for mid-sized businesses in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We worked with them to refine their product offerings and elevate the user experience, something they preach of in their own digital offerings. 

Digestible, expandable

With a plethora of solutions, services and expertise, it was important for us to make this information easy to find. And with content forever growing and changing, the design needed to allow for copy expansion and page addition without feeling overwhelming. 

Nerds at heart

Humanizing CRM is no easy task, but something which Catapult prides themselves on. We injected elements of fun into areas which felt right, and used interactivity and scroll effects as a tool to engage users in heavy content.