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A visual designer and brand strategist, solving problems and telling stories. Currently freelance designer at Skeleton Crew︎.

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Organizer of Type Brigade︎- Vancouver’s typography speaker series.

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JBS Branding/Direction

The field’s the limit.

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Creative Direction, Branding, and Design 
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Terence Sawtell
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Heather Browne
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Adum Yunker
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The ag equipment innovators

JBS Equipment design and manufacture agricultural farming equipment with a unique made-to-order model and zero inventory. As a 50 person strong company, they pride themselves on exceptional design, superior attention to detail, and innovating a stagnant agriculture industry.  

Seeking brand clarity

JBS executives were struggling with all aspects of their existing brand, and came to us looking for a way to clarify what they stood for. From processes and operations, to hiring, internal culture, and design output, we set about building an identity from the very core of the company. 

Asking and listening

We interviewed employees, dealers, and farmers, and held internal focus groups to gain widespread insight into JBS. We sought to learn how JBS are positioned in the minds of those closest to them, and how these perceptions compare internally and externally. 

/ Employee focus group

/ On-location farmer interviews

/ Dealer interviews

Uncovering a promise

Through an extensive research phase, we discovered a set of guiding principals that make JBS unique in an industry of sameness. Working alongside them, we developed a concise 4-step brand promise to their customers, which JBS must uphold at all touchpoints. 


Innovative Design

Using design, engineering  and new technology to elevate a stagnant industry.


Ultra Durable Machines

Always built to unprecedented and meticulous JBS standards with the highest quality materials.


Unrivalled Service 

Fixing problems, taking feedback and implementing changes for those on the front line of farming.


Simplicity First 

Never forgetting the end user at all touchpoints, and delivering easy-to-use products with clarity.

/ Proposed positioning map

/ Examples of established values

/ Internal brand launch 


Inspired by the field on which JBS relies, the icon was developed to be a mark that symbolises the future of agriculture, and a statement of continuing innovation in the world of farming. Designed with engineering in mind, this ‘J’ also pays homage to JBS’s newfound promise of being a design-first company. 

/ Logomark inspiration
/ Icon anatomy

Old Logo 

Icon Exploration

Rejected concepts

/ Exploring authority and innovation


To complement the logomark, we infused a two-line aesthetic into a select number of letters - an element inspired by the existing JBS machine decals. Combined with a condensed and heavy sans-serif font, these precise nuances attempt to portray a manufacturing company of stature who put engineering and innovation first. 

/ Sliced bars and tail

/ Solid type variant
/ Slice anatomy

Logo in use

/ Business cards

/ Popup banner

/ Website

/ Swag

Full logo


DIN Pro was chosen for its condensed style while still maintaining an air of modernity and progression. It is also a nod to world-renowned German engineering and design. 


/ Brand guide


Given the existing JBS blue - amid a mishmash of design collateral - was it’s strongest brand asset, it made sense to keep it. We simply added two complimentary shades and made sure to lean on the primary blue as much as possible. 


When establishing this identity we agreed to keep it clean and simple, something which no competitor was doing. Not only does it unify the brand and make JBS unique, this visual language also aligns to their promise of design, engineering, innovation and user-simplicity. 

/ Product catalogue

/ Progressive Dairyman magazine ad

/ Tradeshow banners

/ Machine decals

/ Christmas campaign video