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A graphic designer and brand strategist, solving problems and telling stories. Currently the creative director at Goat.

/ Vocabulary
Branding - Building brand strategy and visual identity with a deep understanding of client and industry.

Direction - Overseeing the creative and/or strategic direction of a project.

UI Design - Wireframing and designing websites and digital products.

Identity - Simple, low-budget logos or incomplete branding projects. 

Interaction - Adding value to pre-designed UI projects in forms of layout and movement.

/ Worked with
City of Vancouver
Seeking Blue Records
JBS Equipment
Southend F.C
Integrative Naturopathic
The Insurance Emporium
Tak Logistics
Redcliffe & Co.

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NY Aesthetics Identity

Rule your look. Rule your life.

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NY Aesthetics
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The Chase
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Mark Hurst
/ Year

I ♥ NY

Dr Yousef and Dr Nadia had dreams of running their own clinic which focused on skin aesthetics and non-invasive procedures. They required a name, identity and brand direction. All of which we began establishing before the project was dropped. The clinic never came to fruition.  

We are all Kings and Queens

After looking at over 500 names, NY (Founder’s initials) was established as a term of authority, desire, opportunity and beauty. Triggered by exploration of the logo, the brand became driven by self expression and encouraged customers to be captains of their own fate. To be happy in their skin. 

Crown Development

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