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/ About 
A visual designer and brand strategist, solving problems and telling stories. Most previously the creative director at Goat︎.

/ Vocabulary
Branding - Building brand strategy and visual identity with a deep understanding of client and industry.

Direction - Overseeing the creative and/or strategic direction of a project.

UI Design - Wireframing and designing websites and digital products.

Identity - Simple, low-budget logos or incomplete branding projects. 

Interaction - Adding value to pre-designed UI projects in forms of layout and movement.

/ Clients
Bonzai Intranet
BTY Global
Catapult ERP
City of Vancouver
Essex Cricket
FJG Solicitors
Insurance Emporium
Integrative Naturopathic
JBS Equipment
Parachute Regiment
Redcliffe & Co.
Seeking Blue Records
Simon Fraser University
Southend F.C
Skipper Otto
Tak Logistics

/ Community
Organizer of Type Brigade︎- Vancouver’s typography speaker series.

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Seeking Blue Interaction

Diving into a whimsical world.

/ Role
Interactions & UI Enhancements
/ Agency
/ Design
Lauren Bortelli
/ Development
Tim Lu
/ Year

Seeking something

Seeking Blue is a present-day record label born from YouTube curator MrSuicideSheep. In a competitive industry, where many struggle to form an identity, this humble label has managed to establish a deep personal connection with their fans. In their own words they 'provide a collective experience and journey through music and stories.'

Digital artworking

Having approached us with a full set of page designs, we worked alongside Seeking Blue's in-house designer Lauren Bortoli to bring her whimsical designs to life in the digital space. While staying true to the original concept, it was important for us to add value in areas of layout, typography and most importantly, user interaction.


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