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/ About 
A visual designer and brand strategist, solving problems and telling stories. Most previously the creative director at Goat︎.

/ Vocabulary
Branding - Building brand strategy and visual identity with a deep understanding of client and industry.

Direction - Overseeing the creative and/or strategic direction of a project.

UI Design - Wireframing and designing websites and digital products.

Identity - Simple, low-budget logos or incomplete branding projects. 

Interaction - Adding value to pre-designed UI projects in forms of layout and movement.

/ Clients
Bonzai Intranet
Bricklayer Brewing
BTY Global
Catapult ERP
City of Vancouver
Essex Cricket
FJG Solicitors
Insurance Emporium
Integrative Naturopathic
JBS Equipment
Lumel Studios
Parachute Regiment
Redcliffe & Co.
Seeking Blue Records
Simon Fraser University
Southend F.C
Skipper Otto
Tak Logistics

/ Community
Organizer of Type Brigade︎- Vancouver’s typography speaker series.

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/ Programs
Adobe CC



Skipper Otto UI/Direction

Shifting  attitudes towards buying seafood.

/ Role
UI Design
/ Agency
/ Year
/ Development
Tim Lu
/ UX
Katy Witts
/ Iconography
Kika Macfarlene
/ Accolades
Finalist in UX for Marketing - Vancouver UX Awards 2019︎

From sea to table

Skipper Otto challenges traditional means of buying seafood by connecting consumers directly to the fishermen. Their unique model aims to keep small scale fishing alive in B.C and ensure customers have access to the very best wild, sustainable seafood.

Brand growth and product clarity

We faced three primary challenges approaching this project - Telling the Skipper Otto story, explaining the buying process and providing clarification around a confusing signup window. With these objectives in mind, we created an engaging experience which connects to consumers on an emotional level, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of what's required and then take action.

Old logo

Refreshed logo

Fresh and local B.C identity

Although not a branding project, we wanted to build quick value into the identity. The existing logo was outdated and not well suited to a digital environment. Dropping to titlecase and refreshing the style allowed for a friendlier and more welcoming feel. We also dropped the 's which shifted focus from an individual to a product.